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Take Action - #SaveOurWaterfront!

Missed us today? Drop by the #SaveOurWaterfront booth tomorrow Feb 14th at McLean Community Centre from 4 to 7pm to TAKE ACTION & call on @ChrisBallardMPP @Kathleen_Wynne @MPPJoeDickson to implement tertiary treatment & #stopalgae.

Learn more about the issue, watch Ajax Council recording with Special Guests: Jennifer Danahy, Gowlings & Dr. Martin T. Auer, Michigan Technological University - Algae coverage begins at 40:00 in video.

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Fighting for our waterfront

One of the most pressing issue facing our ward, our town and our region is the Duffin Creek Sewage Plant.

This plant continues to flush massive amounts of effluent containing phosphorous into Lake Ontario 24 hrs a day. Phosphorus feeds algae and we are seeing the prolific growth of algae along our waterfront.

Click to view footage I recorded of an algae bloom this past summer. 

This can be fixed by implanting available technology that removes phosphorus during the sewage treatment process. Visit Save Our Waterfront !


The real problem is the lack of political will at the upper level of government hence the “fight”

I’m  proud to be co-chair of PACT-POW, spearheading the fight to save our waterfront for future generations from pervasive, alarming and foul algae blooms along the shoreline.

Joanne Dies

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Protecting our Great Lakes

As we celebrate World Water Day, I send my sympathy to the volunteers, not for profit organizations, and various levels of government who have worked tirelessly to improve the water quality in the Great Lakes.

If U.S. President Trump’s proposal to slash funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is successful, corporations will be once again granted full license to pollute. Currently, $300 million in funding flows through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to combat invasive species, algal blooms and clean up chemical hot spots in the Great Lakes. President Trump has proposed to cut this to $0.

From pollution to invasive species, this map charts the extent to which people have affected one of the world's greatest sources of freshwater. From Canadian Geographic

The Great Lakes provide 21% of the world’s fresh surface water, and drinking water for 40 million people in Canada and the U.S. This fresh water supports 40% of Canada’s economic activity. In 2013, Canadian Geographic illustrated labeled Lake Ontario as the most stressed of our Great Lakes. In Ajax, we understand all too well the importance of clean water as we battle increased algae growth on our near shore.

This naturally connected resource also connects Canada and the U.S. through a Bi-National Agreement to restore and maintain the integrity of the Great Lakes ecosystem. This agreement sets the framework for the Canada-Ontario Agreement on Great Lakes Quality and Lake Wide Management Plans.

At a time when our drinking water continues to see emerging threats such as algae blooms, increased nutrient loadings, invasive species, new chemical contaminants, pharmaceuticals, and climate change, how long will it take us to recover from these cuts…and at what cost?

Joanne Dies
Co- Chair
(PACT-POW) Pickering Ajax Citizens Together Protecting our Water
Councillor Ward 3

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