Your Councillor, Ward 3

A thank you message from Joanne

Election campaigns are unique experiences and provide opportunities for real conversations with citizens. I have learned much from these conversations and I pledge to continue to work hard to represent your voices. 

I pledge to represent the citizens of Ward 3 & all of Ajax with integrity and judgment. 

My heartfelt thanks to all those people who displayed continued confidence in my abilities to lead and serve as Ward 3 Councillor. I extend my gratitude to everyone who voiced that support by giving me your vote on election day. 

I want to acknowledge my deep appreciation to my family, and to all the wonderful people who came on board our team and helped make this victory happen. You gave up hours of precious time and lent so much positive energy to our cause. Your involvement in the political process is what truly matters and will inspire me over the next four years. 

Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Joanne Dies

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Fighting for our waterfront 

One of the most pressing issue facing our ward, our town and our region is the Duffin Creek Sewage Plant.

This plant continues to flush massive amounts of effluent containing phosphorous into Lake Ontario 24 hrs a day. Phosphorus feeds algae and we are seeing the prolific growth of algae along our waterfront.

Click to view footage I recorded of an algae bloom this past summer. 

This can be fixed by implanting available technology that removes phosphorus during the sewage treatment process.


The real problem is the lack of political will at the upper level of government hence the “fight”

Visit Save Our Waterfront !

I’m  proud to be co-chair of PACT-POW, spearheading the fight to save our waterfront for future generations from pervasive, alarming and foul algae blooms along the shoreline.

Joanne Dies


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