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A message from Joanne

One of the most pressing issue facing our ward, our town and our region is the Duffin Creek Sewage Plant.
This plant continues to flush massive amounts of effluent containing phosphorous into Lake Ontario 24 hrs a day. Phosphorus feeds algae and we are seeing the prolific growth of algae along our waterfront.

Click to view footage I recorded of an algae bloom this past summer. 

This can be fixed by implanting available technology that removes phosphorus during the sewage treatment process.

The real problem is the lack of political will at the upper level of government hence the “fight”
Visit Save Our Waterfront !
I’m  proud to be co-chair of PACT-POW, spearheading the fight to save our waterfront for future generations from pervasive, alarming and foul algae blooms along the shoreline.

Joanne Dies


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When and where can you vote?

Election Day is Monday, October 27, 2014 and polls will be open between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

2014  Ajax Municipal Election introduces internet and telephone voting.

This makes voting convenient and accessible.

Eligible Voters will receive a letter of information  with a PIN and instructions on how to vote using the internet or telephone along with a list of polling stations and times for voting in person.

Please bring your Voter Information Letter containing your PIN to the polling station.

October 20th-27th- Vote via internet or telephone

Eligible voters may vote using the internet or telephone starting October 20th – 27th. This enables the voter to vote in the municipal election using a tablet, computer, smart phone or telephone over an 8 day period.

October 20th-26th – Voting in the advanced polls.

The advance voting period and voting locations will be made available soon

October 27th, Election Day – Voting at a polling station

Polling places will  be available throughout the town where electors can vote by internet or computers provided at the polling stations.   offers information to your questions

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What's behind a slogan? 

Joanne Dies - Ajax Community Garden Project

  Putting Ajax First

  • Refused contributions from the development industry
  • Not aligned with any federal or provincial political party
  • Has no conflicts of interest
  • This is integrity in government and putting the people of Ajax first

Three consecutive terms of hard work, team work and leadership.

As Ward 3 Councillor, Joanne Dies has worked hard with fellow councillors and staff to help create a town with a high quality of life. She is enthusiastic about continuing that work.

How has Joanne, for the last 3 terms, put Ajax first?

  • Maintained the lowest average tax increase in Durham Region 
  • Introduced a financial sustainability plan to strengthen reserves
  • Built necessary infrastructure

Sound management of our town's finances

  • Accessed 8.3 million dollars of federal infrastructure grants to refurbish heritage buildings and facilities, redevelop our downtown and revitalize the Village

Investing in the future of our town

  • Built a clean, green environment with an undeveloped waterfront park and enhanced trail system that is the envy of the GTA
  • Built new LEED certified facilities (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Developed a forward looking Pedestrian and Cylcing Master Plan to connect neighbourhoods and provide viable alternative forms of transportation

Putting our environment first

  • Continues the fight to protect our waterfront
  • Met with Environmental Minister and Premier Wynne regarding the sewage plant
  • Secured a pledge from all candidates in Provincial election to fix the problem

Joanne is an independent person who always votes responsibly in the best interests of the people of Ward 3, and all the people of Ajax. Her record demonstrates vision, teamwork and committment.

Joanne Dies. Putting Ajax first.

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"It is my great pleasure to strongly endorse Joanne Dies for re-election in 2014. Joanne's leadership, energy and hard work to keep our lake water free from pollution has been outstanding. Joanne's sincerity, integrity and devotion to study is so important for a member of council. "

– Bill Parish

Joanne is proud that
  • Proud to be the Co-Chair of PACT_POW, spearheading the fight to save our waterfront.
  • "Slot" revenues build reserves and keep taxes low
  • Ajax continue to deliver high quality services
Joanne supports policies that
  • Curb the growth of urban sprawl to preserve green space and farmland
  • Provide a range of housing choices and transportation options
Joanne continues to
  • Refuse financial contributions from the development industry
  • Demand fair and equal representation for Ajax at Regional Council
You can help Joanne's campaign
  • Volunteer your time
  • Put up a lawn sign
  • Contribute financially
For further information
  • Campaign office phone: 905-239-4422
  • Email Joanne:
  • Visit the campaign office: 467 Westney Rd. South Unit 6 (across from Tim Hortons)

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